Where Would We Be Without The Miracle of Color Television?

As we get ready to bid farewell to broadcast television as we know it and prepare for our new digital overlord's arrival on February 17, let's take a peek at a past television technology when it was all shiny and new. In the early 1960s, RCA produced a promo film that, in this clip, used very simple animation, shots… » 9/12/08 1:40pm 9/12/08 1:40pm

A Science Fiction Pixie from a Strange Atomic Race

Here’s a clip from a cartoon I’ve never seen before: Dodo-The Kid From Outer Space. Produced in 1964 and originally broadcast in the L.A. area, Dodo was an alien child with a half-bird, half-computer friend named Compy (in this clip, he’s the one complaining about cake while everybody else wants to hear the story of… » 9/11/08 1:23pm 9/11/08 1:23pm