Death Will Ride the Wings of Radio

Tired of holiday peace, love and understanding? So was an editor at the Los Angeles Times, who in the days leading up to Christmas 1924, ran an article that asked "What Will Happen When ‘Science' Perfects the Art of War?" » 12/27/09 2:15pm 12/27/09 2:15pm

So, Two Guys Are Sitting On a Desert Island . . .

One's wearing a white shirt, the other black. Is it a smackdown between Good and Evil? Macs and PCs? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Nope, it's the big Lost season five finale, with tons of spoilers ahead. » 5/14/09 12:35pm 5/14/09 12:35pm

What Happened, Happened … Unless You Can Change the Past

Why did I read that huge Lost spoiler on io9 last week — and, more importantly, why did it turn out to be true? Spoilers and lamentation after the jump. More lethal spoilers, below. » 4/30/09 1:48pm 4/30/09 1:48pm

Hurley Can See for Miles and Miles

The dynamic duo of Hurley and Miles teamed up again on last night's Lost for some soul searching — literally and figuratively. Spoilers and a confession after the jump. » 4/16/09 12:34pm 4/16/09 12:34pm

It’s Judgment Day for Ben Linus

Mutton dressed as lamb in some bad wiggery, a monologue-ing villain, and one pissed-off teenager: Lost had it all this week. Get spoiled after the jump. » 4/09/09 12:00pm 4/09/09 12:00pm

On the Island, Highs are in the Mid-Seventies

Lost answered an all-important question last night (disco, punk, or Tony Orlando & Dawn?) when it showed us how Sawyer and crew spent the mid-1970s - the second time around. Let's dance, after the cut. » 3/05/09 12:03pm 3/05/09 12:03pm

John Locke Gets Played Like A Card

Last night's Lost was an hour-long festival of Locke, with a special guest appearance from the World's Biggest Kid (and I don't mean whiny Jack). Let's talk about it after the cut. » 2/26/09 12:00pm 2/26/09 12:00pm

On Lost, They’re Leaving on a Jet Plane

Though it featured lots of Jack and Kate, Lost delivered the goods last night... with a couple of exceptions. At least, I thought they were discordant notes, but let's discuss and recap after the jump. » 2/19/09 1:12pm 2/19/09 1:12pm

On Lost, An Old Friend Stops By For A Smoke

If last week's episode of Lost was one for the shippers, this week's was tailor-made for people like me, who dig the action and island mythology. Let's recap and discuss after the jump. » 2/12/09 11:30am 2/12/09 11:30am

On Lost: As the Island Turns

Last night's Lost was one for the shippers. Lots of Jack-Kate angst and a mopey Sawyer. Luckily there were some dramatic reveals for the rest of us. Let's talk about it behind the cut. » 2/05/09 12:00pm 2/05/09 12:00pm

It’s Bombs Away on Lost!

Hooray! Lost was 100% Kate-free last night. In fact none of the Oceanic 6 made an appearance — but, oh, yeah, it somehow managed to be an interesting episode nonetheless. Oodles of spoilers follow. » 1/29/09 10:54am 1/29/09 10:54am

On Lost, the Island Skips, Skips, Skips in Time

Lost is back! Let's sort through the tangle of weirdness, bad parenting and shirtlessness together, and may the flying spaghetti monster of your choice help us all. Spoilers follow. » 1/22/09 11:54am 1/22/09 11:54am

Before Westworld, Another Robot Gunslinger Walked the Cyber Streets of…

From the recently-posted Life » 11/23/08 9:00am 11/23/08 9:00am magazine archives comes photographic evidence of a pistol-packing robot that predated Michael Crichton’s and Yul Brynner’s by some 13 years. We've got more pictures after the jump. Alas, the archives don’t tell us much more than that the robot was built by Robert Wolfe and that the…

John Cleese Explains Why The Compaq II Is Better Than A Dead Fish

Let's see, to begin with, the fish weighed 22 pounds. So did the Compaq Portable II » 11/10/08 12:46pm 11/10/08 12:46pm computer (in retrospect, perhaps "luggable" is more accurate). Here, in a British commercial from 1986 or so, former Python John Cleese lays out the rest of the argument for the computer's superiority - including its big 4.2 megabytes…

Where Would We Be Without The Miracle of Color Television?

As we get ready to bid farewell to broadcast television as we know it and prepare for our new digital overlord's arrival on February 17, let's take a peek at a past television technology when it was all shiny and new. In the early 1960s, RCA produced a promo film that, in this clip, used very simple animation, shots… » 9/12/08 1:40pm 9/12/08 1:40pm

A Science Fiction Pixie from a Strange Atomic Race

Here’s a clip from a cartoon I’ve never seen before: Dodo-The Kid From Outer Space. Produced in 1964 and originally broadcast in the L.A. area, Dodo was an alien child with a half-bird, half-computer friend named Compy (in this clip, he’s the one complaining about cake while everybody else wants to hear the story of… » 9/11/08 1:23pm 9/11/08 1:23pm

Speeding Into The Future With The Flying Wombat

Built of steel and aluminum, without running boards or fenders, and using buttons instead of door handles, the 1938 Phantom Corsair was the last word in long, low, streamlined art deco modernity on wheels. But when designer Rust Heinz (of ketchup fame, assisted by Maurice Schwartz) passed away shortly after the… » 9/10/08 1:20pm 9/10/08 1:20pm